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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

The year 2019 came up with a lot of fluctuation in terms of digital marketing. And throughout the year, marketeers worked at their best to keep up with the ongoing marketing trends. Well, if you think, it will remain comparatively stable in 2020, you are hugely mistaken.

The sea of internet witnessed around four 483 million users which rose up to a whopping 566 million. The number of new audiences for brands and companies have been constantly increasing. To cater to the needs and requirements, new trends and technologies are continuously being introduced.

Hence, if you are not aware of them, your business will be left far behind in the race. Read along to know what these trends are.

  1. The uprise of new social platforms

In the wake of cheap smartphones and cheaper internet accessibility introduced by Jio, user growth at primary social platforms is not much significant because of the competition. However, It has led to a huge head of new social apps including tik tok, ShareChat, helo, Bigo, Vigo, etc.

The year 2020 will witness more such apps and more engagement in the existing ones, having successfully tapped the interests of people in the lower class demographic. Additionally, these platforms are also offering easy and quick entertainment with elements such as short video, live streaming, and gaming.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) is 2020’s reality

Augmented reality will help boost several sectors including retail, real estate, entertainment, live events, education, etc. Under that umbrella, Facebook introduced spark AR feature for users which allows them to create filters and upload them online at Facebook and Instagram. These filters can be then saved and used by other users for their selfies and pictures. Moreover, Google already launched Google lens that is an image recognition technology that captures real-life images, products, places, etc. using the points and shows fitting results.

  1. Artificial intelligence 

If you are still not aware of it, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already taken over traditional methods in global business. AI technologies have become pervasive in around every new service and product.

AI can understand search patterns and consumer behavior and utilize the data from social media and blogs for companies to understand how consumers find their services and products. AI can be seen already implemented in areas like a product recommendation, content creation, e-commerce, email personalization, etc. 

  1. Conversational marketing and chatbots

This AI-based technology will be a crucial part of digital marketing in 2020. It provides instant messaging and chats in real-time with consumers and website visitors. Companies are adopting this feature since it provides 24-hour service, instant replies to inquiries, and answers easy questions.

On the contrary to traditional strategies, conversational marketing serves across various channels, helping brands meet consumers on their suitability – platform, devices, and time which are most convenient for the consumers. 

  1. Videos are in

If you haven’t yet already recognized, both brands and users prefer video content more specifically for marketing purposes. And most likely this is going to be the case for the next 5 to 10 years. And when we talk about video, it’s not only YouTube, there are several other ways to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy.

  • 360-degree video – It gives you a 360° preview of the product, place, etc. you can find this feature already incorporated at Facebook. It is an image where you have to slide left, right, up, and down to view the entire 360°.
  • Live video – On all the major social platforms you can find live video involved including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It has been a major hit for purposes like interviews, BTS, company events, etc.
  1. Smart speakers and voice search

The increase in voice search in recent times has been significant. It is a crucial feature in providing relevant information to people searching through audio. Several brands have recognized its importance and already have included it in their strategy. These brands are Dominos, PayPal, Nestlé, etc.

On this note, voice assistants such as Alexa and Google assistant are performing more precise actions for users. Google assistant can perform 2000 actions whereas Alexa is skilled with 30,000 of that.

  1. Influencer marketing

It is a super popular kind of word of mouth marketing which focuses on sharing your brand message to a wider audience. The message is propagated via key leaders and celebrities or popular players of YouTube and Instagram with a niche audience. 

A survey revealed that 63% of customers trust an influencer opinion rather than traditional branding. Moreover, about 58% of consumers bought a new product on an influencer recommendation in the past six months.

AI is going to play its role in influencer marketing in the process of searching the right influencers along with eliminating fake engagement and spamming bots.

There you have it, top trends of digital marketing in 2020. Social platforms are constantly evolving right from the algorithm to trends. So, in the generation of Millennials, literally, only change is constant.

The next time you plan your digital marketing strategy, consider incorporating these trends to keep up with your competitors.

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