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Krasr sales increased by 185%.

About the client

KRASR, a Canada based company, specializes in crafting beauty products with advanced technologies and formulas which have been proven safe and effective for its clients.


The entire team of KRASR is dedicated to helping people achieve impressive results for their beauty problems in minimum time and effort. For the same, the company is known to create high-quality medical-grade products that benefit the customers worldwide. All its products are FDA approved making them safe as well as effective.

Aiming for a target audience’s set from all around the world, the major problem of the brand was its limited reach both at search engines as well as the end-users. 


  1. To increase the brand’s reach, we implemented various kinds of paid social media ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. 
  2. As far as the company’s limited visibility is concerned, we tweaked the website structure a bit-creating landing pages, thank you pages, and conversion paths. 
  3. To promote KRASR’s visibility on search engines further, its website was thoroughly optimized by us. 
  4. The reach was further boosted via search, shopping, and display ads on search engines like google and bing. 
  5. Implementation of re-marketing campaigns. 


  1. The updated website design structure increased conversions by a total of 45%. 
  2. An active & paid social media approach boosted the revenue by 
  3. Re-marketing campaigns and search engine marketing helped the brand reach the target customers resulting in a sales increase of 185%. 
  4. The new website structure even impacted the shoppers’ engagement hugely. 


All the performed actions resulted in sharp advancement in the company’s reach and visibility making room for a comparatively increased number off clients. 

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