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It won’t be wrong to say that the world is on Instagram nowadays. Turning into a 10-year-old big baby in 2020, we have seen Instagram changing many lives throughout its existence. A platform that began as a source of photo-sharing application has now grown largely into a source of income for businesses, sales channels as well as influencers.

A short while ago, Instagram introduced a new feature ‘stories’– which basically allows the users to share a collection of pictures or information in a story format that expires after 24 hours. Now, it is not a much-hidden fact that human beings have always been attracted to stories. As long as we have known to advertise, storytellers have always been a huge hit amongst the audiences. Having said that, Instagram stories have benefited companies and creators big time.

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Here are a few Instagram stories’ statistics that will help you get started:

  1. Around 1.7 billion Instagram accounts use the stories feature per day.
  2. One in every four millennial and Gen-Z customers look for the Instagram story of the services or products they wish to buy.
  3. About 15% to 25% of users swipe up on a given link in the branded stories.
  4. 1/3rd of the Instagram stories that are most viewed belonged to businesses.
  5. A total of 34% of the Instagram stories on Instagram has sponsored content.

Benefits of using Instagram stories for your brand

Diversify your content strategy:

And in case, if a story receives incredible attention or result and you wish to rather share it as a post, worry not. All you have to do is tap the three dots on the bottom right of the story and select share as a post.

On top of the viewers’ mind

Instagram’s new algorithm has drastically reduced the number of times your posts appear in Users’ feed since they will be shown to only those followers which Instagram thinks will be the most interested in them. However, with Instagram stories, your brand will appear on the top of their feed with a colorful ring around the profile picture to showcase that a new story has been added. It enables your brand to stay at the top of their feed as well as mind.

Best ways to use Instagram stories

Making special announcements

You can make announcements that let your followers guess at every step of the story about what is happening. It can be a really creative way to use the story format.

Time-sensitive deals and offers

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Just like promoting an offer via Instagram post, you can do it via stories as well. The only difference would be that it would be a time-sensitive deal or offer which will in turn encourage the audiences to keep a track of your stories more often. This will not only provide you with loyal audiences but will also boost your engagement on Instagram.

Behind the scenes

As mentioned earlier, the beauty of Instagram stories is that it doesn’t have to be a perfect and polished creation, rather it can be raw and natural. Behind-the-scenes stories are a perfect example of that. They can give a sneak peek of what’s happening behind the scenes – event, team, product along with giving a human touch to your brand.

Promoting user-generated content

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Your target audience comes up with many preferences in their mind. To cater to these preferences, it is important for a brand to diversify its content in order to keep the attention of their audiences. Instagram stories give an opportunity to the brand to serve a variety of content to the users via the same channel without hindering their original niche.

Real-time marketing

Since the year 2017, real-time marketing has always found a spot in the rising marketing trends. This is yet another solid reason to use Instagram stories. These stories are successfully used to reach the audience at the right moment. Under this umbrella, the Instagram live feature is largely explored by both brands and influencers. For example, posting and updating consistently during a sale or event encourages a larger audience set to attend it. It all also helps people feel connected to the business who are not there physically.

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Experiment with the content while having fun

Posting pictures and videos to Instagram stories are immensely time-saving as it requires less effort to create them. And since the stories stay only for 24 hours, it gives you more freedom to experiment with the content while you have to worry less about perfecting your content.

Several brands are sharing user-generated content in their stories. This content includes customers using their product, giving feedback, enjoying the given service, etc. This makes the relationship of the user and the brand more strong and enhances the engagement as well.

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How-to videos and tutorials

The sequential format of Instagram stories makes it a perfect way to share a step-by-step tutorial, how-to video, and the most popular DIY videos. From beauty tutorials to food recipes, from educational content to entertaining ones, this way has been used by most of the brands out there. It engages and educates the user at the same time.

Having said that all of that, if you still haven’t imbibed Instagram stories in your marketing strategy, the correct time to do that would be RIGHT NOW.

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